Meet the 2015-2016 Residents


Bernadette grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Biology in May 2014. She attended Catholic schools growing up and is looking forward to attending masses at the Sacred Heart Cathedral on occasion. She was drawn to Grace-on-the-Hill by the opportunity to work in small, religious schools like those she attended. She is excited to serve as a classroom assistant at St. Andrew’s School. One thing she has enjoyed since leaving school is having a regular schedule which accommodates her hobbies: baking, reading new fiction, and running while listening to podcasts, just to name a few.


David grew up on Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was raised in the Episcopal Church and is pleased to continue learning about the Episcopal tradition. David graduated from Bucknell University in 2013 with a degree in English-Creative Writing. David's involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship during college ushered him into adult faith. After graduating, he tried out international missions as an English teacher in Vietnam and now loves travel. David also loves mentoring and wants to be school counselor, so he is especially looking forward to serving at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School during his year with Grace-on-the-Hill. His other hobbies include reading, writing, and making others laugh.


Hannah grew up in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) in May with a degree in history and religious studies. As a student, Hannah was very involved with the Methodist campus ministry, the Wesley Foundation. This year she is thrilled to be serving at the Diocese of Virginia in the Office of Mission and Outreach, where she is receiving a crash course in all things Episcopalian. The opportunity to explore a new faith tradition was one of the factors that drew her to Grace-on-the-Hill. She was also interested in being immersed in a new place and community, which seemed to mesh well with idea of a theology of place, which is a main focus of Grace-on-the-Hill. When she is not getting her GOTH on, she enjoys reading, running, playing video games, thrift shopping, and eating good food with good friends. She also loves dogs, so if anyone in the St. Andrew’s community ever needs a dog sitter, she is your GOTH!


Lissie grew up in Richmond, just north of Bon Air. She graduated this May from the University of Virginia with a degree in Foreign Affairs and a minor in East Asian Studies. Lissie is a cradle Episcopalian and grew up going to St. James's Church on Franklin Street. She spent most of her childhood summers at Shrine Mont first as a camper and eventually as a counselor. Lissie is looking forward to working at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School this year. In her free time, Lissie loves cooking, drinking wine (especially with friends), drawing, listening to music, attending concerts, anything outdoors, exercising, and dogs! 


Paige was born and raised in Colonial Beach, VA, a tiny, one-spotlight town on the Potomac River. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in the fall of 2014 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Marine Science. She will be serving at Blue Sky Fund. She is very much looking forward to ‘getting her hands dirty’ and becoming a mentor for so many wonderful students. She is a cradle Episcopalian, and she feels a strong connection to the traditional style of the liturgy. She hopes to use this time of discernment to both explore the many benefits of community worship and to better understand the bond between religion and the natural world. Most of her hobbies are related to the Chesapeake Bay and include fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and crabbing. She also spends a lot of time discovering new music and is often putting together playlists for friends and family. She enjoys most East Asian cuisines and all the southern foods her mother taught her to cook.

If I had a weekend with nothing to do and planes were able to travel much faster, I would go back to visit Bulgaria! If planes still went at normal speeds, I would go to Boston or the Grand Canyon because I've never been. 

Patrick Keyser  

Patrick grew up in a small town on the Northern Neck of Virginia called Burgess. Raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, Patrick discovered the Episcopal Church while studying abroad in Florence, Italy during college. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2014 with a degree in Government and Economics. This is Patrick's second year with Grace-on-the-Hill, and he will continue to work at St. Andrew's Church. He is also a part of the Young Priests Initiative, which is assisting him as he discerns a call to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. His hobbies include watching and playing tennis, traveling, studying the Italian language, and learning about the countries of the former Yugoslavia, especially Bosnia-Herzegovina.