Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School Job Description

Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School is an independent, faith-based middle school for students of limited resources  primarily in Richmond, Virginia's East End.  The School's small classes, structured support, extended school days, and religious foundation provide academic, social and spiritual instruction in a nurturing environment.

Program interns will support the School's mission and goals through such efforts as, but not limited to:

     1.  Serving as a classroom assistant, supporting the teacher as needed
          with daily educational efforts with the 5th grade
     2.  Tutoring selected students on an as-needed basis
     3.  Supervising students during their lunch and other breaks as well 
          as during study hall
     4.  Helping to coach an athletic team such as football, basketball,
          lacrosse, cross-country and track and field*
     5.  Overseeing and managing the School's website, creating an 
          e-newsletter and assisting with other administrative tasks*
     6.  Transporting students from home to school on one of the School's
          * Job elements are dependent upon candidate's specific interests and
             skills in these areas